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28 Feb

Version 1:  At each cache, students search through words to find one that matches the correct part of speech indicated on the box. 

Cache Suggestions
Cache 1:  Action Verbs
Cache 2: Nouns
Cache 3: Adjectives
Cache 4: Proper Nouns
Cache 5:  Linking Verbs

Cache Cards

Version 2: Students are given a baggie of different words (each group’s cards are a different color).  Caches have the names of a part of speech on them.  Groups carry the baggies of words and place them in the correct cache.  Back in the classroom, the teacher checks each box.  (We use a document camera and pull out each word and have the class check to make sure it was placed in the right box).

Words by Group

This activity was created by Meg Swecker and Tina Coffey.

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