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1 Mar

This activity is done as a Pirate theme.  Students dress as pirates and are given the task of finding “treasure” and marking the location of the “treasure” on their treasure maps.

Suggested Cache Contents:
Pirate Loot!  Examples:

Gold Coins (one per student)
Stickers (one per student)
Tattoos (one per student)
Pencils (one per student)
Anything with a Pirate Theme (one per student)

Activity Sheet:
Print out a map of the outside of the school.  Students will put an X on the location of each cache using their maps skills.

This activity was created by Tina Coffey, Kim Clapper, and Dana Kelley.  This geocaching activity is also described on the Teaching with Technology Blog.

One Comment on "Treasure Hunt! (Map Skills)"

  • Marie Hanna on Mon, 7th Jun 2010 8:51 am 

    I’m trying this activitiy on Wednesday. My kids are so excited. Thanks for the great idea

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