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23 Sep

In this activity, students solve simple algebraic problems at each cache to find the number of times they complete an exercise.   by Joani Sotherden and Keith Robinson

Cache Labels

Cache Problelms

Answer Sheet

3 Comments on "P.E. Exercises (with Algebra)"

  • Dprowse on Mon, 19th Nov 2012 1:24 pm 

    This is a great way to encourage my PE teachers to use the GPS units! I can’t wait to show them this!
    I am having trouble downloading the Cache Problems sheet, I am only getting page 6, the others are fine.

  • tcoffey on Thu, 14th Feb 2013 12:44 pm 

    I think this activity only has an example for the cache problems, but I’ll email the authors and see.

  • tcoffey on Mon, 18th Feb 2013 2:34 pm 

    The cache problems (with all the problems) has been uploaded and should now be correct. 🙂

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