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28 Feb
Parts of Speech

Version 1:  At each cache, students search through words to find one that matches the correct part of speech indicated on the box.  Cache Suggestions Cache 1:  Action Verbs Cache 2: Nouns Cache 3: Adjectives Cache 4: Proper Nouns Cache 5:  Linking Verbs Cache Cards Version 2: Students are given a baggie of different words (each group’s cards are a different color).  Caches have the names of a part of speech on them.  Groups carry the baggies of words and place them in the correct cache. ... » Read more

27 Feb

Each team draws five words before going geocaching.  Teams then search through caches of word cards to find their homonym matches.  After finding their homonyms, they return to the classroom and define each homonym using pictures or sentences. Activity Word Cards Group Recording Sheet Individual Recording Sheet  Read More →

27 Feb
Cultural Groups in Virginia

Students will identify cultural groups in Virginia using clues and pictures. Pictures for Caches: Scotch Irish Cache African Cache American Indian Cache English Cache German Cache Answer Sheet This activity was created by Jennifer Barger, Tina Coffey, and Lindsey Jarrett.  Read More →