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28 Feb

Students will complete different activities at each cache, including identifying cloud types, storm types, weather instruments, precipitation, and highs and lows on weather maps. Cache Activities Cache 1 — Clouds Cache 2 — Storms Cache 3 — Instruments Cache 4 — Precipitation Cache 5 — Fronts Answer Sheet Activity Notes This activity was created by Holly Ireland, Debbie Dawson, and Jenny Zehringer.  Read More →

28 Feb
Phases of the Moon

Students complete different activities about the Moon at each cache including answering moon riddles, ordering moon phases, finding facts about the moon, comparing the size of the moon to the earth and sun, and even a mystery cache! Cache Directions Cache 1 Cache 2 Cache 3 Cache 4 Cache 5 Answer Sheet Student Badges This activity was created by Debbie Dawson and Holly Ireland.  Read More →

28 Feb

At each cache, students will use picture clues to determine a season.  Cache Contents Fall Cache Spring Cache Winter Cache Summer Cache Answer Sheet This activity was created by Tina Coffey, Peggy Stancil, and Dana Harrison.  Read More →

28 Feb
Rock It!

This activity allows students to practice what they know about Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic rocks. At each cache, students will use a combination of picture clues and rock specimens to answer questions. Some caches will contain specimens that students will use to determine which description correlates to that specimen.  Other caches require students to answer questions about a type of rock and which processes are required to change its properties. Suggested Cache Contents Cache 1: Sedimentary... » Read more

28 Feb
What’s for Dinner?

This cache activity helps student review science food chain/web concepts such as predator, prey, scavenger, omnivore, herbivore, carnivore.  Students use clues in each cache to identify an animal, and then they determine characteristics for that animal.  Finally, they think of something that animal might consume. Cache Clues — Each set contains clues for guessing the name of the animal/plant/decomposer.  If the cache is about an animal, clues include the name of the animal (you can remove... » Read more

28 Feb
Simple and Compound Machines

At each geocache, students view a compound machine or picture of a compound machine.  They identify the simple machines involved in the compound machine. Pictures Cards Other Possible Contents for Caches: Scissors Stapler Wheelbarrow Ramp Slide Door stop Bicycle Spatula Flagpole Tow truck Jar lid Can opener Shovel Seesaw Boat Fire truck Answer Sheet This activity was created by Joani Sotherden and Tina Coffey.  Read More →