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5 Feb
Rome and Greece

This activity comes in a geocaching and QR code hunt form. I reviews facts from Rome and Greece. There are two versions of the activity–one that uses GPS units (Geocaching), and one that uses iPads or iPods with QR code readers. Geocaching: 1.  Print the cards on different colored tagboard (blue, red, yellow).  Use the Answer Sheet to divide the cards between 6 boxes. Blue Cards Red Cards Yellow Cards 2.  Hide the boxes around the school yard and mark each location with the gps unit. 3.... » Read more

10 Nov
Jamestown Geocaching

In this activity, students use gps units, podcasts on iPads or iPods, and QR codes to learn about Jamestown. by Tina Coffey 1. Download Podcasts videos to at least 6 iPod Touches/iPads from iTunes. You can find them here: Podcasts. You’ll need the following videos: The Voyage John Smith Powhatan/Pocahontas Hardships Representative Government Women Slavery (I used this one as a practice example) 2. Hide 6 Caches with the following labels on each cache: Jamestown Cache... » Read more

7 Apr
Government (Civics)

Students read clues in chaces to figure out what type/branch of government the cache represents (Local, State, National and Legilsative, Executive, Judicial).  They write the correct cache number in the box on their answer sheet. Cache Clues Answer Sheet  Read More →

13 Sep
Constitution Day Geocaching

As  National Treasure Hunter Apprentices, students will hunt down constitutional geocaches and answer questions about them.   This activity goes with Constitution Day (Sept. 17). Cache Contents Answer Sheets Answer Key This activity was created by Joani Sotherden and Sherry Meredith.  Read More →

1 Mar
Treasure Hunt! (Map Skills)

This activity is done as a Pirate theme.  Students dress as pirates and are given the task of finding “treasure” and marking the location of the “treasure” on their treasure maps. Suggested Cache Contents: Pirate Loot!  Examples: Gold Coins (one per student) Stickers (one per student) Tattoos (one per student) Pencils (one per student) Anything with a Pirate Theme (one per student) Activity Sheet: Print out a map of the outside of the school.  Students will put an X on... » Read more

28 Feb
Virginia Regions Geocaching

Students will view clues at each cache and determine which region of Virginia the cache describes. Cache Labels Pictures for Caches Clues for Caches Extra Pictures for new SOLs Cache Clue Answers Student Answer Sheet This activity was created by Meg Swecker.  Read More →

28 Feb
Native Americans in Virginia

Two types of Geocaches are hidden in this activity:  Seasons and Languages.  Students identify if the contents of the cache describes either a language group or a season and mark the correct answer on their answer sheet. Pictures Cards Answer Sheet Answers for the Activity This activity was created by Jennifer Barger, Tina Coffey, and Lindsey Jarrett.  Read More →

28 Feb
Native Americans in the United States

Students read clues and use pictures to identify Native American Groups at each geocache. Pictures Cards and Clues Answer Sheet This activity was created by Courtney Jones and Nikki Sowers.  Read More →

28 Feb

Students will read clues to identify continents.  Continent Clues for Caches (do not include the names of the continents) Answer Sheet 1 Answer Sheet 2 Activity create by Courtney Jones.  Read More →

28 Feb
Art Around the Continents

At each geocache, students read descriptions and view pictures of pieces of art.  Students indicate the continent associated with the piece of art, and use a map to record their answers. Cache Content Examples: Cache 1 — Picture of Mayan Statue Cache 2 — African Tribal Mask Cache 3 — Colonial American Art (Portrait of George Washington) Cache 4 — Greek Vase Cache 5 — Asian Art Panel Answer Template–Fill this in based on the art pieces you selected. Continents... » Read more